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Trump’s Blistering Attack: Christie Stands No Chance in 2024

President Donald Trump recently made a declaration about the 2024 Republican primary race, stating that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu have “ZERO chance” of winning. Trump asserted that the primary would essentially be a competition to see who would be the first to reach 1% support.

Trump didn’t hold back his criticism, referring to Christie as “Sloppy Chris Christie” and highlighting his low approval rating of 9% during his tenure as governor. He also took a jab at Sununu, describing him as little-known and trailing 30 points behind Trump in his own state. Trump dismissed their potential bids as a waste of time and money, claiming they have no chance of success.

These remarks from the 45th president come at a time when reports suggest that Chris Christie will soon formally announce his presidential bid. However, a recent survey by Fairleigh Dickinson University revealed that 70% of Republicans and Republican leaners in New Jersey support Trump, while 69% said they would not consider supporting Christie.

On the other hand, Chris Sununu has decided not to enter the presidential race and made his announcement on CNN’s Inside Politics. Sununu acknowledged Trump’s strong standing in the polls and expressed a desire to see more young Republicans involved in politics. He emphasized the need to focus on the Republican Party as a whole and not solely on the former president.

Sununu’s decision reflects a broader sentiment among conservatives who prioritize winning races and cultivating a diverse and dynamic Republican Party. With Trump’s popularity remaining strong among a significant portion of the Republican base, potential challengers like Christie and Sununu face an uphill battle in gaining traction and support.

As the 2024 Republican primary approaches, it seems that Trump’s influence and support continue to shape the landscape of the party, making it challenging for other contenders to gain a foothold.

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