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DeSantis Scores Massive Endorsement Haul from North Carolina

In a significant boost to his 2024 presidential campaign, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida secured endorsements from 19 North Carolina Republican state leaders. This strong show of support includes endorsements from prominent figures such as North Carolina House Majority Leader John Bell, who praised DeSantis as a principled leader and a defender of individual liberties. Bell expressed confidence that DeSantis would defeat Joe Biden and bring about a Great American Comeback marked by empowered parents, safe streets, and a thriving economy.

The endorsements also encompass three state senators, Bobby Hanig, Danny Britt, and Jim Burgin, as well as North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice Phil Berger Jr. and 14 state representatives. This diverse group of lawmakers, including Allen Chesser, David Willis, Dennis Riddell, and many others, recognizes DeSantis as the candidate who can deliver strong leadership and positive change. Their support adds to the growing list of endorsements DeSantis has received nationwide, with over 260 state lawmakers already backing him in various states.

The enthusiasm for DeSantis in North Carolina is mirrored by the recent endorsement he received from Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, who threw his support behind former President Donald Trump. This highlights the strong conservative sentiment in the state and underscores the significance of DeSantis’ growing coalition of supporters.

While recent polls indicate that Trump remains the favored candidate among GOP primary voters, DeSantis is steadily closing the gap. A Morning Consult survey showed DeSantis trailing Trump by 38 percentage points. As DeSantis continues to garner endorsements and build momentum, his campaign is positioning itself as a formidable contender for the Republican nomination.

The backing of influential North Carolina Republican leaders underscores DeSantis’ appeal as a strong conservative candidate with a track record of effective governance. With a focus on championing individual liberties and revitalizing the economy, DeSantis is gaining recognition as the candidate who can successfully lead the party and secure a prosperous future for America. As the campaign progresses, these endorsements from North Carolina, as well as other states, will play a crucial role in shaping the Republican primary landscape.

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