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Breaking News: Paul Ryan Fears Trump’s Winning Streak

In a recent interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” former House Speaker Paul Ryan expressed his concern over the prospect of the Republican Party nominating former President Donald Trump in 2024. Ryan argued that it would be a “disaster” if Trump were to be chosen as the nominee and deemed it “dangerous” if he were to win the election.

During the Aspen Ideas Festival, former Representative Liz Cheney also emphasized the need to take Trump seriously as a threat. Cheney warned against underestimating him and assuming that the Democrats would easily defeat him in a general election. She urged everyone to recognize the risks associated with Trump’s candidacy and to stand against it, regardless of party ideology.

Host Joe Kernen prompted a discussion about potential Republican candidates, specifically mentioning Trump. Ryan reiterated his belief that nominating Trump would be disastrous for the party. He expressed his view that the Republican Party is more likely to lose with Trump as the nominee, citing the previous losses in the House, presidency, and Senate during Trump’s tenure. Ryan even suggested that the party could have won the Senate in 2022 if not for Trump’s influence.

As a self-declared “Never Again Trumper,” Ryan made it clear that he does not believe Trump is fit for the presidency and does not think he could win. He acknowledged that his stance is not popular among Trump’s base but maintained his position that Trump’s potential nomination and victory would pose a dangerous outcome for the country.

Ryan’s remarks highlight a conservative perspective that is critical of Trump’s role within the Republican Party. His concerns about the party’s electoral prospects and the potential risks associated with a Trump candidacy reflect the views of those who believe the party should move in a different direction for future elections.

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