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Startling Betrayal: ‘The Chosen’ Cast and Crew Expose Shocking Agenda

As a conservative, I have never been one to readily participate in boycotts. While I do prefer to support businesses that align with my values, it’s impossible to keep every choice I make “pure” in this complex world. So when I heard about the call for a boycott of “The Chosen” due to a pride flag on the set, I couldn’t help but shrug. It’s just a movie set, after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were individuals celebrating pride month among the crew. As long as the show itself doesn’t explicitly push an agenda, I don’t see a reason to be concerned about the personal actions of those involved.

I appreciated the initial response from “The Chosen” creator Dallas Jenkins, who made it clear that the show doesn’t have a religious or political litmus test for its workers. The content of the show is what matters, and that’s where its official stance can be found. For me, it doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of the show if someone on the set displays a pride flag, just as it hasn’t affected my appreciation for other works with creators who likely engage in behaviors I wouldn’t condone. I can separate the art from the individuals behind it and still enjoy the creative endeavor.

However, as the week progressed, it became apparent that the show has a litmus test for viewers, even if it claims not to have one for its employees. Tolerance appears to be a one-way street. In a video response, Jenkins clarified that the show maintains a hands-off policy regarding the personal lives of its contracted workers. They are free to wear T-shirts and hats representing various beliefs, from a pride flag to a MAGA hat or a “Jesus saves” shirt, without objection from anyone on the set.

Some of the actors associated with the show, however, made comments that revealed a different attitude. They responded to viewer concerns in a manner that seemed dismissive and condescending. While Jenkins acknowledged that he wouldn’t have said the same things, he didn’t condemn their words or call for an apology. It’s disappointing that a show funded by passionate fans, who have contributed millions of dollars, would seemingly allow its actors to disrespect those who support it.

As a conservative and a Christian, I empathize with Jenkins, who finds himself in a difficult position. But he owes it to the supporters of “The Chosen” to address this issue. The show has garnered a dedicated following, and Jenkins should not simply turn a blind eye when a few of his actors show disrespect to the fans. He should have the courage to acknowledge that identifying sin as sin is not an act of hate but of love, just as Jesus did throughout His ministry and continues to do in His Word.

While I enjoyed watching “The Chosen” and even recommended it to others, I now have reservations about continuing to support the show. It’s not because I’m joining a boycott; it’s because it saddens me to see the lack of accountability and the dismissal of genuine concerns. I believe in the power of storytelling, but I also believe in standing up for principles and respecting the audience that has faithfully supported a project.

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