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Shocking COVID Origin Report Exposes Marco Rubio’s Revelations

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has released a chilling 328-page report on the origins of COVID-19, shedding light on what many already suspected about the virus and China’s role. The report, based on extensive investigations spanning 18 months, uncovers previously undisclosed evidence and sheds new light on the Chinese Communist Party’s actions.

The report reveals alarming details that reinforce the notion of a lab accident in China being responsible for the pandemic. It highlights critical moments in 2019 leading up to a significant biosafety incident, pointing to a cover-up by Beijing. Early signs emerged when the head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences warned of the need for upgrades at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in April 2019. However, the lab still faced operational and maintenance problems, as admitted by the director of the WIV.

In September 2019, the WIV abruptly shut down its online database, and a drill for the outbreak of a “novel coronavirus” was conducted at the airport. Yet, the CCP concealed several cases and failed to address the alarming situation. The report also highlights the WIV’s research on gain-of-function, where a naturally occurring virus is manipulated to become infectious in humans. This dangerous research, coupled with patent filings for addressing potential leaks, raises serious questions about the lab’s safety measures.

Rubio emphasizes that the virus was already spreading in November 2019 when China claimed the first known cases were in late December. Beijing’s simultaneous denial of a lab leak and the implementation of measures to prevent such accidents further exposes their deception. The documentary accompanying the report provides compelling evidence and circumstantial details that suggest a lab accident resulted in the virus’s release and subsequent global impact.

Regardless of the exact origins, the report underscores the dangers posed by the Chinese Communist Party’s ambitions and calls for accountability. Rubio has been at the forefront of raising awareness about China’s threat and believes this report offers a pivotal turning point in the narrative. The world deserves to uncover the truth and ensure that China’s lies are exposed.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the report’s findings, watch the disturbing documentary “The True Origins of COVID-19” below and join the fight to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for their actions.

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