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SHOCKING: AOC’s Marxist Aide Exposed, Should Resign NOW

Prepare to be astounded as it comes to light that the esteemed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Mars) had the audacity to employ an unabashed Marxist on her team. Can you believe it? If any other member of Congress had hired a National Socialist (yes, that’s “Nazi” for you, kids), they would have faced immediate resignation and public condemnation. But not AOC, the rising star of the Democratic Party. Why should she face any consequences? After all, her friends in the House and the media are practically Commies themselves.

According to The New York Post, AOC’s former aide, Justine Medina, now holds a senior position in the New York State Communist Party. Medina worked as a political organizer for AOC in 2020, earning over $35,000 during that time. Sure, it may not be much, but it’s the principle! While AOC proudly embraces socialism, she and Bernie Sanders would have you believe it’s just harmless Swedish-style socialism, not the soul-crushing totalitarianism of the USSR. But let’s dig deeper.

Surprise, surprise! Medina’s radical Marxist leanings were in full swing before and during her employment with AOC. She proudly declared herself a Communist on social media, touting communism as a beacon of equality, democracy, and peace. But we all know the truth. Communism has always been about deceiving the masses, confiscating their wealth, and subjugating them to the whims of a ruling class claiming to champion the workers.

Every Communist state in history has been a nightmare of tyranny, where dissent is crushed and the population lives in fear. Yet, Medina seems unbothered by the prospect of this “unkindness” on the path to her beloved Communist utopia. And guess what? AOC follows her on Twitter and has even posed for a cheerful photo with her. Can you imagine the outrage if a member of Congress had a friendly photo op with a Nazi? But hey, international socialists get a pass.

It’s time for AOC to face the consequences of her poor judgment. Hiring a Marxist should be grounds for her resignation in disgrace. Unfortunately, the lack of outcry from anyone else only highlights how far we’ve fallen as a society. Brace yourself, folks, the radical left has infiltrated the halls of power, and they’re not going anywhere.

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