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Scandal Exposed: White House’s Deceptive Transparency Revealed

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre once again found herself evading questions about Hunter Biden’s business deals during Monday’s briefing. Despite the distraction of discussing Russia, Jean-Pierre couldn’t escape a pointed question about the first family’s ability to conduct business on White House grounds, specifically referencing Hunter Biden’s attendance at a state dinner. Unsurprisingly, Jean-Pierre avoided the question, citing the ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) case.

The selective nature of the White House’s concerns about connections is evident. Attorney General Merrick Garland, whose DOJ recently reached a lenient plea deal with Hunter Biden, was present at the same state dinner. Yet, Jean-Pierre chose not to address this inconsistency. Instead, she vaguely referred to the administration’s commitment to ethics and transparency without providing any substantial information.

When pressed further by Philip Wegmann from Real Clear Politics about rules governing potential business dealings by the president’s family, Jean-Pierre became even more evasive. She grabbed her briefing book, laughed, and repeated her refusal to answer. This lack of transparency from the Biden administration is concerning, especially given Joe Biden’s limited accessibility as president.

Throughout his term, Biden has been less accessible compared to his predecessor, Donald Trump. The current administration has allowed special interests to influence policymaking, such as Randi Weingarten’s involvement in writing COVID rules for schools. Additionally, the National School Boards Association labeled concerned parents as terrorists. These actions, combined with the White House’s silence on classified document scandals and the Biden family’s business dealings, raise doubts about real accountability.

Americans deserve honest answers and transparency from their government. The repeated attempts by the White House to avoid addressing critical issues only exacerbate concerns about potential conflicts of interest and lack of accountability. It is crucial for the Biden administration to provide clear explanations and ensure that the president’s family operates within ethical boundaries while residing at the White House.

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