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Outrageous Battle: California Parents Clash Over Inappropriate Elementary Pride Event

A California father has taken a stand against his daughters’ school, expressing his frustration with school officials for allegedly dismissing parents’ concerns about a Pride event. The situation escalated in North Hollywood, where protests unfolded outside Saticoy Elementary School on the same day as the planned assembly, leading to a clash between angry parents and counter-protesters.

Manuk Grigoryan, a father of four, joined other parents in protesting the school and vowed not to send his children back until he could directly communicate with school officials. He expressed his concerns on “Fox & Friends,” emphasizing that the issue was not solely about the book being read but also the lack of discussion and parental involvement after the reading.

Grigoryan criticized the school for ignoring their attempts to engage in discussions and dismissed the concerns of parents. He firmly stated that he no longer considers the school a safe environment for his children and demanded a conversation before he would consider sending them back.

One of the contentious points raised by parents was the reading of “The Great Big Book of Families,” which portrays various types of families, including those with LGBTQ+ parents. The assembly faced opposition from a significant number of protesters, outnumbering those in support. Some protesters wore T-shirts with slogans expressing their opposition to what they perceived as inappropriate exposure for their children.

Grigoryan specifically objected to his 8-year-old twin daughters being exposed to materials without parental consent. He highlighted their efforts to reach out to school officials, including the principal and the superintendent, but claimed that their attempts were ignored, leaving them with no choice but to take their concerns to the streets.

In response to the controversy, the school district released a statement affirming their commitment to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. However, Grigoryan remains determined to seek answers and continue advocating for his parental rights. He expressed his unwavering dedication to the cause, vowing not to be silenced in the face of opposition.

The situation escalated into physical altercations as clashes broke out between protesters and LGBTQ activists. This reveals the deeply divided opinions surrounding the issue and the intensity of emotions involved.

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