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Explosive Whistleblower Doc Revealed: FBI’s Shocking Cover-Up Exposed

Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, has revealed that he has already seen the FBI’s summary of a confidential human source’s claims regarding former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged acceptance of money from a foreign national to influence policy decisions. Grassley has pledged to make the FBI report public once the bureau complies with a congressional subpoena to provide an official copy of the FD-1023 form, which FBI Director Christopher Wray has thus far refused to do.

Grassley has been working with House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer to obtain documents from the FBI related to whistleblower claims of an assessment opened by FBI Headquarters to discredit derogatory information about Biden. The FD-1023 form, which memorializes an interview with a confidential human source, alleges a $5 million bribe and is dated June 30, 2020. Grassley has confirmed that he has seen the form, reinforcing his previous characterizations of the source as “trusted” and providing specifics about the alleged criminal scheme.

This revelation is significant because it demonstrates that Grassley has firsthand knowledge of the whistleblower’s claims, backed by an FBI document. It strengthens the credibility of Grassley’s statements and allows congressional investigators to pursue leads that the FBI allegedly ignored. Grassley and Senator Ron Johnson have already pursued leads related to alleged pay-to-play schemes involving China, but there may be more documents that Grassley has seen, including the assessment opened by the FBI and information regarding Hunter Biden’s business relationship with Burisma.

Grassley’s request for the release of the official FD-1023 form is aimed at protecting the whistleblower and confirming the form’s authenticity. Grassley argues that the FBI’s claims of protecting sources do not apply to this particular document. FBI Director Wray, however, continues to defy the subpoena. Grassley’s revelation that he has already reviewed the CHS report exposes the FBI’s position and raises questions about their intentions in burying the scandal.

The fact that Grassley possesses knowledge beyond what the FBI anticipated should concern those involved in the alleged cover-up. Grassley’s determination to shed light on the matter and his access to potential additional documents and records through whistleblowers make him a formidable force in uncovering the truth. Those implicated in the scandal should be wary of what may come next from the senator from Iowa.

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