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Unbelievable Arrogance: Clinton Gleefully Admits Escaping Classified Email Scandal

The impending indictment of former President Donald Trump has once again highlighted the stark contrast in how justice is applied in America. While Trump faces charges for his handling of classified documents, it is hard to ignore the double standard when it comes to Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, who have also mishandled classified materials without facing significant consequences. Clinton, in particular, seems to relish in the partisan immunity she enjoys, as evidenced by her recent tweet attempting to profit off her email scandal.

The infamous “But Her Emails” phrase comes to mind. Clinton’s use of a private and unsecured server in her basement, where she stored classified emails, is a clear violation of protocol. Despite the convenient wiping of the server and her dismissive comment about it being cleaned “like with a cloth,” Clinton never faced real repercussions for her actions. It is disheartening to witness the stark contrast between the treatment of Trump and the preferential treatment given to Clinton.

The fact that Clinton has the audacity to boast about her breach of rules, which were subsequently used to target Trump, speaks volumes about the uneven application of justice in our country. If one believes that Trump deserves the charges he is facing, then it is only fair that Clinton should have faced the same consequences for her actions. The idea of being “stronger together,” as Clinton campaigned on, should have extended to equal treatment under the law.

It is worth noting that despite evading federal charges for mishandling classified information, Clinton did not ascend to the presidency. Twitter users were quick to call out her hypocrisy and unwillingness to accept responsibility for her actions. The American people should not forget that while Trump is being targeted, Clinton enjoyed a privileged status within the politicized justice system.

The disparity in treatment between Trump and Clinton, and the subsequent gloating by the former first lady, only deepens the distrust many conservatives feel towards the justice system. It is a stark reminder of the two-tiered system that often protects Democrats while targeting Republicans. If justice is to be truly blind, it should apply equally to all, regardless of political affiliation.

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