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Game-Changing Strategy: RNC’s Secret Weapon to Crush Democrats

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking a strategic approach to combat new laws that expand mass pre-election voting. While ballot harvesting is already legal in some states and being used by Democrats to gain an advantage, the RNC, under Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s leadership, aims to beat them at their own game. Through their nationwide campaign called “Bank Your Vote,” the RNC seeks to maximize pre-Election Day voting by encouraging Republicans to vote early through mail or in-person.

McDaniel outlined the RNC’s approach in an exclusive column for Townhall, stating that election seasons have replaced a single “Election Day” and the party will adapt accordingly. They plan to utilize their political ground game, data operation, legal resources, and messaging apparatus to chase down every ballot. The RNC’s digital and data team will strategically target voters with the highest potential return and mobilize Republicans nationwide through door-to-door campaigning and phone calls.

The RNC’s efforts will build upon their 2022 election integrity operations. They will leverage poll watchers and workers, increase in-person voting locations, and continue to fight Democrats in court to ensure voter confidence and integrity. The “Bank Your Vote” initiative aims to work in tandem with the RNC’s “Protect Your Vote” campaign to secure early votes and maintain total security throughout the process.

Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) and Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) will co-chair the “Bank Your Vote” initiative. They emphasize that beating Joe Biden and the Democrats is crucial to reclaiming the country and restoring control. By encouraging Republicans to securely “Bank Your Vote,” they aim to protect the integrity of the vote and achieve victories nationwide in the next election.

The RNC recognizes the changing landscape of elections and is determined to play by the rules while opposing unfavorable laws. By embracing early voting strategies and actively engaging voters, they hope to counter the Democrats’ advantage in states where ballot harvesting is legal. Through this initiative, the RNC aims to ensure that every Republican vote counts and to restore trust in the electoral process.

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