The GOP’s Dilemma, 2024 and Beyond

As the midterm elections approach, conservative media figures are laboring indefatigably to convince their constituents previous elections these same figures swore were the most important of their lifetime are as nothing compared to the most important election of their lifetime that will transpire in November, i.e. The Most Important of All of the Most Important Elections of Our Lifetime(s)…

In other words, unless and until their audience votes Republican, the country promises to spiral that much further into the abyss that, to judge from the words of the scribblers and talking heads, is already engulfing them…

That the Democrats, to say nothing of the overall Left, are guilty of visiting immeasurable suffering of all kinds among countless numbers of human beings both here and abroad is axiomatic to anyone who has but eyes to see. Yet this is hardly a recent turn of events. For several decades, tens of millions of Americans have been following the prescription—the categorical imperative—of conservative media personalities to always vote Republican.

Yet here we are…To keep the sense of urgency always alive, conservative media personalities as well as GOP politicians constantly inundate their constituents with horror stories of outrages regarding those whom they’ve been telling us since forever we must defeat by . . . voting Republican.

The fear porn, though undoubtedly designed to usher in a red tsunami, would actually reveal the impotence of the Republican Party and the conservative movement if only their constituents would employ the same reasoning that they regularly use in sorting out the nit and grit of their daily lives, i.e. when they aren’t indulging the luxury of getting swept up in the sportive spirit of American politics. Read more…

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