Guy Wins Minnesota’s “Woman of the Year” Award

Because of course “she” is.

At the risk of being accused of “stochastic terrorism,” I am compelled to state the obvious: it is not the case that every woman in the State of Minnesota is less worthy than the natal male Leigh Finke.

USA Today begs to differ. Every woman in my state is less worthy of national recognition for excellence in womanhood than Finke.

“She” looks like a dude in a dress, and that is because “she” is a dude in a dress.

Yet we are to believe that a man cosplaying as a woman is the most praiseworthy woman in the state.

Leigh Finke has always fought to change the world for the better.

Growing up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Finke was always interested in politics but never planned to be a political candidate herself. Read more…

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