DeSantis Breaks a Taboo on Child Protection Laws

Is this the beginning of pushback to the radical left by red-state governors? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pleased conservative activists around the country after he argued against HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine’s claim that “Gender affirming care is medically necessary, safe and effective for transgender and non-binary children and adolescents.”

DeSantis made the comments during an appearance with Laura Ingraham of Fox News.

…”And understand what that is, that’s a euphemism. They will actually take a young boy and castrate the boy. They will take a young girl and do a mastectomy, or they will sterilize her because of the gender dysphoria. There is no evidence that this is something that’s effective medical care.

And we know that people that do this when they’re kids have huge problems going on. So we believe that this is not appropriate in the state of Florida. We don’t think a doctor should get a license if they’re doing it.

And I think these doctors should be able to be sued by these folks when they develop problems later in life. This is wrong. Minors should not be having this type of stuff performed on them.” Read more…

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