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Poll: Tucker Carlson Outshines Fox News Ratings

In a surprising twist, conservative icon Tucker Carlson has emerged as more popular than his former employer, Fox News, according to a recent poll conducted by Change Research. The poll, which surveyed 404 likely Republican primary voters, revealed that Carlson boasted an impressive 59 percent net favorability rating among Republicans. Even tech magnate Elon Musk trailed behind Carlson with a respectable 53 percent favorability, while Fox News found itself in the negative with a -4 percent rating.

The survey was conducted among a total of 1,208 registered voters through various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and telephone interviews. The data was collected between April 28 and May 2, with a margin of error of 3 percent.

Interestingly, when looking at the overall favorability ratings across all respondents, including Republicans, Democrats, and independents, former President Donald Trump and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson garnered the highest ratings at 35 percent each. However, Carlson’s overall favorability rating was double that of Fox News, indicating his enduring popularity.

Fox News infamously parted ways with Carlson in April, shortly after he delivered the keynote address at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary. Undeterred, Carlson swiftly announced that he would be taking his show to Twitter, emphasizing the platform’s role as one of the few remaining spaces for free speech.

The aftermath of Carlson’s departure took its toll on Fox News’ ratings. In just two weeks, viewership for Carlson’s former time slot plummeted by approximately 50 percent, while the network’s audience among 25- to 54-year-olds saw a staggering two-thirds decline.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, known for his ventures in the tech and space industries, recently announced his departure as Twitter’s chief executive. Although relinquishing his role, Musk will continue to serve as the company’s executive chair, appointing former NBC Universal advertising executive Linda Yaccarino as Twitter’s new top executive.

As the poll results demonstrate, Tucker Carlson’s enduring popularity among Republicans highlights his significant influence within conservative circles, even surpassing the appeal of Fox News itself. This revelation could have significant implications for the media landscape and the future trajectory of conservative media personalities.

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