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Watch: Top Doc Reveals Shocking Truth About Pandemic Lies!

Johns Hopkins University professor Dr. Marty Makary blasted the federal government during the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic’s first hearing on Tuesday, accusing it of being “the greatest perpetrator of misinformation.”

In a powerful opening statement, Makary rattled off multiple examples to support his claim.

Misinformation that Covid was spread through surface transmission; that vaccinated immunity was far greater than natural immunity; That masks were effective.

Now we have the definitive Cochrane review. What do you do with that review? Cochrane is the most authoritative evidence body in all of medicine and has been for decades. Do you just ignore it and not talk about it?

That myocarditis was more common after the infection than [after] the vaccine. Not true, it is 4-28 times more common after the vaccine. Read more…

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