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Shocking Twist: GOP Embraces Ballot Harvesting for 2024 Success

Scott Presler, a Millennial Republican activist, believes that Joe Biden is likely to win reelection in 2024 unless conservatives take action to strengthen their infrastructure, including voter registration, early voting, and legal ballot harvesting. Presler argues that these methods are necessary for Republicans to win elections and suggests that the GOP needs to change its approach and embrace these tactics. Historically, Republicans have favored in-person voting on Election Day and have been skeptical of early voting and mail-in ballots. However, Presler and other conservative voices argue that the party must adapt to the changing landscape of elections, where a significant percentage of votes are cast before Election Day.

The disappointing results for Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections have prompted a reevaluation of voter engagement tactics. Many conservatives believe that the GOP has fallen behind the Left in terms of absentee ballot harvesting and chasing, which have become important tools for mobilizing voters. Grassroots activists, such as Scott Presler, are stepping up their efforts to fill the void and ensure that Republicans can effectively compete in future elections. They argue that the Republican National Committee (RNC) should prioritize building the necessary infrastructure to engage and activate supporters.

Presler has been trying to reach out to Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the RNC, but has not received any response. This lack of communication has raised concerns among conservatives who believe that the national GOP may not have the will or focus to set up the party for success. Grassroots activists are taking matters into their own hands, but they worry that Republicans may once again find themselves outplayed and outgunned by the Democrats.

Conservative organizations, such as Look Ahead America (LAA), are focusing on states that have traditionally been written off by conservatives. LAA aims to register and mobilize disaffected patriotic Americans in states like Virginia, where they believe there is a potential to flip seats and gain Republican control. By targeting disengaged voters and emphasizing the importance of voting, LAA hopes to increase voter turnout and make a difference in critical elections. They also support election-integrity efforts to address concerns about voter fraud and cheating while concentrating on positive gain by adding new voters to the rolls.

Many conservatives, including columnist Kurt Schlichter, are frustrated with the lack of a clear plan from the RNC and other Republican leaders to address the party’s administrative and logistical problems. They argue that winning in 2024 is crucial to prevent the Democrats’ radical agenda and emphasize the need for a serious effort to engage voters and fix the deficiencies within the party. Experts in American politics suggest that Republicans should learn from their past mistakes and focus on mobilization operations and strict adherence to election rules.

The 2024 election is being decided now by community organizers, and conservatives need to invest in building the machinery necessary to compete effectively. This includes adopting new tactics such as early voting, ballot harvesting, and voter registration, which have proven successful for Democrats. While some conservatives are taking action at the grassroots level, there are concerns that the national GOP may not fully recognize the urgency and may once again be unprepared for future elections. To secure victory in 2024, Republicans must address their deficiencies and prioritize engaging and activating their supporters.

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