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Shocking: Pride Cult’s Furious Hatred for Judeo-Christian Values

Hold on tight, folks! Pride Month is fast approaching, and just like “Christmas creep,” the Pride celebrations seem to start earlier every year. No matter how hard we try, we can’t escape the overpowering presence of Pride Month.

In recent years, the left has transitioned from seeking tolerance for the LGBTQ+ movement to demanding full-fledged celebration. Gone are the days of acknowledging equal rights; now, we’re expected to adorn ourselves in rainbows during Pride Month and any other time the LGBTQ+ movement decides it’s time to rejoice.

Unfortunately, this all-encompassing demand for celebration has led to the undermining of values that don’t align with the LGBTQ+ agenda, particularly Judeo-Christian values. The LGBTQ+ crowd seems determined to destroy any values that do not align with their own.

This assault on traditional values goes beyond disagreements over Bible verses that address homosexuality. It extends to infiltrating progressive denominations and diluting the core principles of Judeo-Christianity. Today, the LGBTQ+ movement goes so far as to parody and satirize orthodox religion at every turn.

Two recent incidents serve as stark examples of this troubling trend. Firstly, the Los Angeles Dodgers planned to honor a drag troupe called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence during their upcoming Pride Night. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence purposefully exist to offend Christians, particularly Catholics. Thankfully, after pressure from Senator Marco Rubio and others, the Dodgers initially removed the tribute, recognizing its offensiveness. However, astonishingly, they later reinstated it and even issued an apology for their initial decision!

Meanwhile, Target, a store chain that has long embraced wokeness, has gone all out with its Pride promotion this year. The backlash against Target’s obnoxious display has been fierce enough to prompt an “emergency meeting” among top executives. They discussed relocating the Pride merchandise from the front to the back of stores in certain regions. But it gets even more peculiar—Target partnered with Abprallen, a London-based clothing brand known for its Satanic-inspired merchandise, for some of their Pride items. Yes, you read that right—Satanic-inspired merchandise at a major retail chain!

Abprallen’s products proudly display messages like “We Bash Back” with a heart-shaped mace in transgender-flag colors and “Join My Gay Cult.” They also sell enamel pins proclaiming “Heteronormativity Is A Plague,” “Time’s Up For Transphobes,” and “Trans Witches for Abortion.” Not only are these items intended to provoke Christians and Jews, but they also promote violence.

It’s abundantly clear that the pride cult vehemently opposes Judeo-Christian values and is determined to tear them down. As conservatives, we must stand firm and defend our beliefs in the face of this relentless assault.

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