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Huge Blow: Kamala-Backed Bail Fund Crashes, Revenue Drops 98%

The Minnesota Freedom Fund, a bail fund endorsed by Vice President Kamala Harris, experienced a significant drop in contributions in 2021, according to tax forms obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The fund raised a mere $837,000 during the year, in stark contrast to the $41.7 million it raised in 2020 amidst the George Floyd riots. Harris had encouraged people to support the fund to bail out protesters in Minnesota, but the donations were used to release individuals accused of violent offenses, including alleged murderers and pedophiles.

This decline in support mirrors the fate of other social justice organizations that saw a surge in funding during the 2020 riots. Black Lives Matter, for instance, reported an 88 percent drop in revenues in its 2022 fiscal year, despite raising $90 million following Floyd’s death. Questions have been raised about how these funds were used, with reports revealing extravagant purchases of luxury mansions and lucrative contracts for the family and friends of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund’s financial windfall in 2020 can be attributed, in part, to Harris’s endorsement, according to American Bail Coalition executive director Jeffrey Clayton. Reuters reported that at least 13 staffers from President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign donated to the fund shortly after Floyd’s death. However, it was discovered that the fund only allocated $210,000 to help individuals facing protest-related charges, while a significant portion was spent on bailing out individuals charged with violent crimes.

Notably, the fund secured the release of individuals such as Christopher Boswell, a twice-convicted rapist, and Timothy Wayne Columbus, accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl. Court records obtained by the Daily Caller revealed that $75,000 was spent to secure Columbus’s release in July 2020, pending trial. Shockingly, some of the offenders released thanks to the fund went on to commit murders while awaiting trial, such as George Howard and Shawn Michael Tillman.

Despite these concerning outcomes, the Minnesota Freedom Fund has remained silent in response to these revelations. The decline in contributions suggests that public support for bail funds associated with the 2020 riots has waned, perhaps due to the scrutiny and questions raised about the effectiveness and responsible use of the funds.

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